Give to the Max 2017

There are many things to be grateful for here at St. Benedict’s. Do you think we have a beautiful campus? Do you like how we celebrate Mass? Do you think we have excellent youth programs? Do you benefit from the ministry of our staff?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please consider giving to St. Benedict’s on this Give to the Max day. Your financial gift benefits our parish to continue offering excellent programming and keeping our facilities clean and beautiful. Your gift also benefits our young people to go on mission trips, retreats, and other various events to help them grow in faith. If you are unable to give financially, consider giving to the max in a different way, such as, your time and talents. We need many volunteers to help with Faith Formation, Parish Festival and Liturgical Ministries. Contact Jason Prigge to offer your time and talent- 320.356.0763 or click the link to further understand Stewardship.

To make a financial gift to the parish you can click one of the following links:

We thank you for your consideration and generosity as you Give to the Max for our parish.